About Us

Mathew is the owner and lead writer of techdigitalpro.com. With over 10 years of experience in IT support and mobile device repair, Mathew started this blog to help people solve common tech problems themselves. Through step-by-step tutorials and troubleshooting guides, Mathew aims to demystify technology and make it less frustrating...

Techdigitalpro.com was created in 2023 by Mathew to be a helpful resource for tablet and smartphone users. On this site, you will find tutorials, guides and troubleshooting advice for the most popular mobile devices. Whether you have an Android, iOS or Windows issue, our goal is to help you diagnose and fix problems independently without having to take your device to the repair shop. We also offer shopping guides to help you choose new devices and accessories. Mathew, the founder, has many years of experience repairing tablets and phones. You can trust that the advice on techdigitalpro.com is from someone who truly understands mobile tech inside and out.

Mathew started repairing phones as a hobby in college after taking apart an old iPhone that no longer turned on. Through trial and error, he figured out how to fix the phone and brought it back to working condition. This exciting challenge of solving tech problems and learning how devices work by taking them apart fueled Mathew’s passion. He has since repaired thousands of tablets, smartphones and other electronics. Now, Mathew wants to share his knowledge by offering approachable advice and step-by-step instructions to help readers fix their own devices through techdigitalpro.com.

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